this contents of tumblr is just what I like .. especially all of the animals love cat + dog), flower, fashion, and the teddy bear :)
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marry someone because love you just way you are not become ideal person, because nobody perfect..marry with someone who knows your deep, black secret or your past, or accept your biggest fears but still beside you, and say ‘it’s okay’..marry with someone who can be your bestfriend, always support you, and say ‘i’m here’ while hugging you..marry with someone who can make you angry, sad, disappointed, but you can’t leave because the reason of love, and you don’t know why you can’t leave and you don’t have another reason..marry with someone who accept you silliness, stupid, sometime make shamed, sometime make angry, but still smile after you apologizes..marry someone with don’t have any reason, even your friends ask why, even sometimes you get boring because long relationship, even other said negative with your partner, even other said ‘there are others who are much better for you’..but it’s just you who can know who better for your self, and just you who can feel ‘click’ even you know it just a few months and know it that person is better for you..

marry with someone who can make you stronger and tell to other if you now happy..



This gif can work for pretty much everything.

Phone died: this gif.

Failed a test: this gif.

Period: this gif.

Lots of homework: this gif.

I feel like breaking a plate: this gif.


Beautiful dancing mantis


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